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  A New Beginning Animal Rescue is a non-profit, tax-exempt charitable organization under 501(c)(3) of  the Internal Revenue Code. Donations are tax-deductible as allowed by law.




A New Beginning Animal Rescue is a Utah-based 501(c)(3) non-profit limited-admission organization, currently run by volunteers. We do not receive operating funds from any governmental agency, and rely on private donations from our supporters, corporate sponsorships, and foundation grants to make our efforts possible.  We have no affiliation with any larger group and we receive no funding from any larger group that might influence our decisions or actions. We advocate for the companion animals in our care to help them find their forever homes.  

We are a limited admissions rescue, meaning we can only take in as many animals as our foster homes can safely and responsibly care for. We do not euthanize animals to make room for more. We simply stop taking in new animals until we have room. Each homeless companion animal will remain in our care until he or she finds a new home.

ANBAR is gratified to have a long-standing special partnership with Petco in holding adoption events every Saturday - without exception - at the Petco store in Layton, UT, since our inception in 2008.  Additionally, up to 3 kittens and young cats are displayed at the Petco store for adoption, and rotated weekly to increase visibility and opportunity.  Nearly 3,000 companion animals (kittens, cats, puppies, and dogs – and rabbits) have found homes through our adoption events as a result of this joint endeavor.


A New Beginning Animal Rescue is a nonprofit, no-kill animal rescue organization serving Davis and Weber Counties, Utah. We are dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of abused, abandoned, and homeless cats, dogs, puppies, kittens, and rabbits who need of a new beginning and help prepare them for a forever home, through rescue, nurture, adoption, and public education efforts.  We believe that euthanasia should be used only as a humane last resort, to prevent further animal suffering.


We envision a future in which communities do not consider pets as disposable items and embrace their responsibilities as compassionate, responsible guardians and protectors to companion animals.


Our goal is to thoughtfully reduce unnecessary euthanasia rates; help change the "throw-away" mentality and improve Weber and Davis Counties’ animal welfare with compassion and respect through community building and public education on the mutual benefits of responsible pet parenting; importance of pet sterilization, and the humane treatment of animals. 

We strive to ensure that each and every animal rescued by ANBAR is cared for; treated with compassion, respect, and dignity.  The health and welfare of the animals that come to us is our priority. All animals receive a medical evaluation; fully vaccinated;  and, if old enough and at least 3 lbs. are spayed and neutered before adoption. Any health problems detected are taken care of immediately. Because we want to ensure that all of the animals in our care go to good homes, we ask to meet with each prospective adoptive candidate.  This allows us to thoughtfully decide if the animal is a proper match for you. We reserve the right to turn down applicants for pets if we feel that it is not in the animal’s best interest.

While we are located in the Roy,Layton,Ogden, UT area, we also partner with local and regional groups and accept transfer rescues from throughout northern Utah and the surrounding states.  ANBAR does not turn away any companion animal but welcomes them regardless of their condition and do not place a time limit on their stay with us.  We believe that euthanasia should be used only as a humane last resort, to prevent further animal suffering – such as when an animal is terminally ill, critically injured, or dying.

A New Beginning Animal Rescue embraces a multi-prong strategic service approach to contribute to reach our goal of reducing the number of adoptable animals euthanized each year.  Our services include:

  • Adoption opportunities and events for ANBAR companion animals
  • Spay/neuter of ANBAR animals, to effectively reduce the problems of pet overpopulation
  • Veterinary care for ANBAR animals
  • Volunteer foster care program to provide housing for rescued or surrendered companion animals, until a qualified forever home is found
  • Volunteer foster care for special needs animals
  • Volunteer transformative public education and training programs

For more information about A New Beginning Animal Rescue and our programs, please contact us at info@anbrescue.org.